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Flash memory is significantly more sophisticated than conventional magnetic data storage forms like hard disk drives. Retrieving your data from a NAND flash storage device, such as an SSD, smartphone, SD card, or USB flash drive, requires a notable wealth of skills, resources, and expertise. Thankfully, Data Recovery Group boasts all these attributes in abundance, positioning us as your optimal choice for flash storage data recovery.

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What is an NAND chip?

Nearly all portable data storage devices today utilize NAND flash memory for their operation. You'll find NAND chips inside your SSD, your phone, your thumb drive, and your memory cards. Some traditional spinning-platter hard drives even include a NAND chip for enhancement.

At Data Recovery Group, our flash storage data recovery specialists are equipped to handle your flash media data recovery needs, irrespective of the device type.

"Flash" media saves data in a way that's pretty different from your usual hard drives. Instead of using spinning disks or movable parts that save data like a magnet, it stores data electronically on chips that don't move, kind of like how a photo is saved in your camera's memory card.

When you connect a USB flash drive to your computer or boot up a PC running on a solid-state drive (SSD), what you observe on your computer appears the same as what you'd see on a hard disk drive. However, the data storage methodology of NAND flash memory devices fundamentally differs at its core. We recover these types of devices on a regular basis.

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Yes, data can often be recovered from a broken USB thumb drive. This is accomplished using specialized techniques and tools. However, the likelihood of successful recovery depends on the extent of the damage. We deal with cases like this on a regular basis here at Data Recovery Group.

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a monolithic microSD card. The process is complex and requires advanced tools and expertise, as the memory chip and controller are integrated into one piece in these cards. Call today to get your microSD recovered 1-888-749-3786 24/7

Yes, data can often be recovered from a water-damaged flash drive. It's important to avoid plugging in the drive after it has been water-damaged to prevent further damage. With Data Recovery Group's flashdrive recovery services we have special procedures and tools to dry out and recover data from water-damaged electronics and devices.